5 Creative Ideas for Children’s Parties

It’s that time again.  Your child’s birthday is almost here.  It’s time to think up some new ideas for a party.  If having some party games in the house just isn’t appealing, perhaps an activity hire in the back garden or an outing somewhere for the day is more attractive. There are many other options that fit every budget for you to choose from.  Depending on the interests and age of your child, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something different and creative that your child and birthday party guests will enjoy and have a great time at the party.

Throw a Bowling Party and Bowl the Kids Over

Is there a local bowling alley close to where you live?  Get in touch with them to see if they have any children’s party package available.  Group the kids into sets of 6 to 8 children per lane.  A majority of bowling alleys have automatic bumpers and special ramps to help ensure every child goes home having knocked over at least some pins.  Usually a few games are enough to ensure no one is bored.  If you combine this with a birthday and party food, you are good to go!

A Star Is Born- Throw a Performance Party

If your child loves the stage, throw a performance party for him or her.  You can either hold the party at home or book a hall, depending on how much space your need.  Select a theme- maybe from your child’s favourite Disney movie?  Have plenty of dress up clothes and CDs with lots of music.  Children can even bring their own CDs they have made.  You can even suggest a theme ahead of time, so that the kids can arrive in their favourite costumes.  Have the children organised so they each have their own roles, including wardrobe mistress/master, actresses and actors, music director (for operating the CDs), props person and director.  The children can then perform the final version at the ending of the party to their parents.  Record the performance on DVD and give it away as a nice parting gift.

Throw a Swimming Party and Make a Big Splash

Swimming parties provide great fun for everyone.  They are a true favourite.  Talk to someone at a local community centre or find someone who owns a swimming pool if you don’t have one to hold the swimming party.  You can either just have the kids play in the pool and provide them with inflatable toys, or you could organise some party games like water polo.  Be sure the swimming pool you choose caters to all swimming ability levels.  It should have a shallow end that those who are not confident swimmers can use.

Get a Clue and Hold a Scavenger Hunt

One creative idea that is reasonably priced as well is to hold a scavenger or treasure hunt.  Kids of all different ages love them.  Come up with different clues and then hide them in various locations.  For older children they should be cryptic and harder to solve.  Just make them as challenging as needed to fit the party guest ages.  If you are having a scavenger hunt, provide a list to the kids of different kinds of items they need to find.  There can also be some extra funny tasks to do as well, just as taking photos while on the hunt.  Once the treasure hunt is over, have prizes to hand out to the winners along with something for all the participants.

A Go Karting Party for the Speed Demon in Your Life

One kind of party that is becoming increasing popular with both girls and boys is go karting parties.  Be sure to check with the venue and find out if there are maximum or minimum heights to ensure all party guests will be allowed to participate.  Security is taken very seriously, so parents will most likely be required to sign permission slips allowing their child to ride the go karts.  Safety belts and helmets are required.  And then they are off to the races!

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