5 Tips for Summer Pest Control on Your Property

Summer is prime time for pests, making lawn care an important way to protect your family from the bites and stings that come with warmer weather. Basic lawn care is the first line of defense against infestations, but additional treatments are often needed to prevent pests on the property.

Remove Clutter

Leaves, branches and building supplies can become a home for pests when left on the ground.To eliminate places where pests hide during the summer months, clean your property regularly, and store items like firewood and building supplies off the ground. Stack firewood on pallets, and stack other supplies vertically whenever possible.

Remove Outdoor Food Sources

Rake after the leaves fall in autumn to further prevent pests on your property. Raking also removes small items like acorns to prevent rodents, such as mice and squirrels, from invading the property. These small animals can house ticks, which carry diseases that are easily transmitted to pets and people with a single bite. Rake away acorns as needed during the autumn months, and pick up fallen nuts and fruits from trees on the property immediately to help prevent a wide range of pests, including rodents and insects.

Mow Regularly

Mow your lawn on a regular schedule during the summer to help prevent pests that live in tall grass. If you have noticed pests on the property, mow the grass as short as possible, and have your lawn treated to eliminate the pests. Professional treatment can help eliminate a variety of pests to make your outdoor living spaces more welcoming throughout the summer months.

If your property has adjoining woodlands, treatment is particularly important. Woodlands can house large numbers of pests, including ticks, ground-nesting hornets and mosquitoes. Regular treatments along the property line can help prevent these pests from wandering onto your property during summer. Visit websites like http://www.pointepestcontrol.net/to learn more about the treatment options available for your property.

Remove Standing Water

Check the property regularly for standing water, and remove items that hold water to prevent mosquitoes. If depressions on the property fill with water, repair them with gravel or dirt to eliminate the risk of mosquito bites. Clean bird baths frequently, or store the bird baths inside a shed to further prevent mosquitoes on the property.

Seal the Home

Sealing your home is the most efficient way to keep pests outdoors. Replace any window screens that are damaged, and use caulk to seal windows, plumbing pipes and other small crevices that allow pests to enter the home. Attics should be assessed and sealed at the beginning of the season to prevent pests like squirrels, and basements should be decluttered to prevent spiders and other insects that like to hide among papers and clothing.

If pests are observed inside the home, a professional pest control company can help you identify the areas where the insects are entering. With a few treatments and some basic maintenance, you can prevent pests throughout the summer for a more enjoyable season.

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