Get the best Paddles for pickle ball

Pickle ball is an interesting game that is played by players of all ages. It is a game that is played with the help of a paddle, a polymer ball, and a net. This game is played on a badminton sized court with the net whose height is kept same as that of tennis net. The ball is served from one side to the court to the other side of the court. It is played very similar to tennis and the players can play a singles game as well as doubles game. Paddle is the most important thing as it is used to play the game. The ball is being hit by these paddles. Each paddle type provides you with different playing conditions. Some of the things that need to be considered are mentioned below.

Things to consider in a pickle ball paddle

  • Type: These paddles are made available in many types using which you can play the game. Each paddle type offers different playing power, playing strength, support and flexibility for playing the game. You can choose paddles made from graphite, wooden, composite and many other materials such as aluminum core paddles, polymer core paddles, and edgeless paddles.
  • Weight: Weight is another factor that needs to be considered while playing pickle ball. Each paddle type offers different weight. Some of them are light weighted, middle weighted, heavy weighted, and super heavy weighted. Weight also affects the swinging of the paddles. Heavy weighted paddles are difficult to swing and require more energy where as light weighted paddles are easy to swing and require minimal energy.
  • Grip: Grip is another factor that can affect the play of your game. It is important to have a firm grip on your paddle in order to play pickle ball with full efficiency. Grips are also made available in small size, medium size and large size depending upon the sixe of your palm.
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