Getting A Unique Look In Pool Landscaping

It really doesn’t take much effort to come up with your own design for a unique looking landscape around your fiberglass pool. There are three basic rules that you should remember and follow when it comes to your design. You want your plants to be:

1. Low Maintenance

2. Offer privacy if that’s your goal

3. Minimize the debris that may end up inside your pool

You can have many different types of plant life around your pool, but when it comes to decorative trees and larger plants, you will probably want to keep them potted. Not only will you be able to have them nearer your pool area, but you can move your plants around if you choose to move your patio furniture as well.

There are three basic designs when it comes to pool landscapes. The common elements are modern landscaping, tropical landscaping, and desert landscaping. The modern look is up to date and sleek. The tropical look will have many broadleaf plants and that beach or “jungle” feel. The desert look for your landscape design will have such features as rock, sand, and cacti as attractive features.

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