Growth deficiency symptoms and treatment

Our pituitary gland allows for the secretion of nine hormones and one of them being the growth hormone which is known as somotropin. The growth hormone is governed by the hypothalamus which gives the stimulus for the amount of secretion that is required for the body at that point of time. It is already known that during puberty, the secretion is more secretion as the growth of the body is at the peak. But as the person ages the growth hormone secretions decreases, as old age sets in, there is almost no secretion of growth hormone.

The neurohormones in the blood detect the the quantity of HGH in the blood based on this the hypothalamus decides whether more secretion is required or not. If does not want any more secretion somatostatin is sent to prevent further secretion.

Types of HGH supplements

HGH supplements come in variety forms and as every other day a new product is up in the market claiming it to be HGH supplements. The effect of each every product does not have same effect on each and every one and how many of them are approved is worth reading through when you shop for HGH supplements.

Some may have placebo effect whereas others may give a temporary effect or others may do the job but have horrible side effects to them so it is better to research a bit for your own good in choosing which is highly potent.

They are made from herbs, roots etc and sold in the market as all natural HGH supplement. The synthetic hormone may come in pill, capsule, tablet forms. You can get in injectables even to oral HGH sprays products, creams also liquid drops.

It has to be noted that growth hormone supplements need not have prescription for purchase as do not contain pure HGH. They contain ingredients which increase the HGH secretion in our body. It is a good idea to seek medical advice from Testosterone therapy clinics before getting started with the treatment.

The benefits of using HGH supplements

The intake will reduce bad cholesterol.

There can be significant increase in energy.

Even enhances the immunity of the person.

Lowers the blood pressure of the person.

How it impacts the body

It must be taken into account that the dosage, the genetic built up of the individual, the lifestyle and diet of the person greatly depend on what the effect of the HGH supplements will have on him/her.

Before purchasing it is better to read the label for ingredients and instructions for intake as herbal or natural HGH supplements have to be taken in a certain way. If you face any ill effects of the supplements it is better to stop and consult the doctor right away.

It has been observed that pills or tablets pass through the digestive tract which may reduce the potency of the drug. The drops or sprays under tongue usually be taken in by the mucosal lining and hence more effective but this depends also on individual basis.

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