Have You Tried An Escape Room Adventure?

Imagine being locked in a room with several friends and told that, in order to escape your imprisonment, you must work together and solve puzzles.

Sounds scary, huh? Well, in actuality it’s quite fun — and people all over the world are finding out exactly how much fun it can be to challenge themselves intellectually, as the recent “escape room boom” has proven.

Escape rooms are the hottest trend in immersive entertainment. These interactive experiences put your puzzle-solving skills to the test using brain teasers and state of the art technology. The game is timed, so that your adrenaline is running high. Just as some people get their thrills from bungee jumping, mountain climbing, or skydiving, so escape rooms offer a similar rush. The only difference is that the challenge is more mental than physical.

One of the major advantages of escape rooms as a form of group entertainment is just that — the group aspect. All too often, when friends or families get together, they spend some time chatting, but most of the time checking their cell phones. When you enter an escape room, everyone puts away their phone and other devices, and instead works together to solve the riddles and puzzles that will help them succeed — and be freed.

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Another plus? People of all ages can embark on these adventures together. There aren’t many group activities that are fun for everyone, regardless of their age or life experience. A teenager or tween can bond with their parents and grandparents during an escape room visit.

Escape room experiences are also a great way to encourage problem-solving skills, which are valuable no matter what life stage you’re at. You need to work together as a team, encourage everyone to contribute their ideas and suggestions, and collaborate in order to get out.

More and more companies are finding that escape room challenges make excellent team-building activities, too. Just like ropes courses, which have been popular for decades but which might be a bit too “outdoorsy” for some employees, escape rooms encourage bonding and teamwork. Those results can be translated into real-world skills back in the office. Not to mention the fact that this escape room DFW activity is just plain old fun, and much less risky than an open-bar office Christmas party.

Escape rooms are often themed. You can search for Egyptian obelisks, hunt vampires, search for a pirate’s long-lost buried treasure, evade ghosts in a haunted mansion, bust out of jail, or solve a whodunnit in an English mansion.

The newest addition to the so-called “haunted attraction industry,” which is worth $300 million in the U.S. today, escape adventures do not rely on gory animatronics or jump scares to provide thrills. And not to worry — no one ever really runs out of air, gets killed by the murderer, or has to battle a real zombie. There’s always an “out” if things get too tricky, and some rooms actually offer hints if you need them.

Although the experience is based on escaping, the actual fun is about being and working together with your friends and family.


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