How Important is the Coping around your Pool?

While you may find the price for inground pools of the Gold Coast very attractive, never opt for sparing money on the coping around your pool. Secondly, this is not a good DIY project. If you are having a fibreglass pool installed, the job just got even tougher.

Finding a competent builder of inground pools of the Gold Coast is not difficult. However, pouring the concrete along the edges of your pool takes the skill of a knowledgeable contractor. Too often, concrete companies will brag that they have poured numerous decks, but this does not mean that coping has been part of the job.

The right coping job done by pool builders of the Gold Coast will make your pool reflect perfection and provide a long life. Too often, concrete companies will take on the job of coping and find themselves in trouble in keeping a cantilever form in place. This edging is so important that many homeowners have had a job ripped out and done over again due to a contractor leaving a crooked, chipped and tacky look.

Always ask a concrete company how many coping jobs they have performed and ask for references. Concrete is not easy to remove and should be done right the first time. Even if you have to pay a little more for a great coping job, it is worth it in the end to have a professional and durable coping around your pool.

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