How to Have Success With Direct Mail

We often confuse direct mail agency Grand Rapids MI to the plain old mail and this has really affected the way most people use the direct mail and thus produced bad results. So in order for us to really make the best out of the direct mail we must as a matter of necessity distinguish between the plain old mail and the direct mail. The plain old mail is what we all know about. It involves sending out things like a catalog, advertisement, or a letter to someone. But the direct mail on the other hand involves a mail that asks for a direct response. It comes in form of a post card, letter, brochure, or leaflets. Crafting an effective direct mail piece is an art rather than a science.

So many factors hinder the response to a direct mail campaign. These include:

  1. The quality of the list.
  2. The timing of the mailing: This implies that the response to a mail can be affected by the time when he mail was sent out
  3. The quality of the creative copy sent: this implies that, the look and make up ( i.e the mail headline, the paper quality and design) of the mail might affect its response.
  4. And lastly, the offer that’s presented

Once you are able to address the above factors you will experience rapid response rate and most importantly a huge growth in sales. It is important to know that having 100 responses and 2 sales doesn’t necessarily translate to having 5 responses and 4 sales. Always make sure your mails are fashioned in ways that guarantees increase in sales. In the end, the ultimate measureof success lies in the amount of money you have raked in via sales.

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Tips for Success

  • The headline should be thoughtful and captivating. Once it gets the reader’s attention, the other messages on the mail will do too.
  • Make sure your benefits are clearly crafted on the mail. Giving the reader a clear picture of the benefit will definitely win his heart.
  • Be very clear on what you want your readers to do and state clearly how you want it done. Use incentives like free packages on response to get them to do it.

In summary, direct mails are perfect ways of getting customers but this is only possible when it is done properly and using the right approach. Endeavor to keepa good record of important variables like, your expenses, response rate, and most importantly the sales.


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