Nornickel plant shutdown – step towards better life and place

Norilsk is considered as a very major part of Russia. This is because this place is an industrial capital and government earns huge capital from there. It is a place that is almost considered as a backbone of Russian economy. But during recent years it has been seen that the beauty of the place has lost in the smoke of industry that’s and more than that due to large factory setup smoke over there is also become in appropriate to breathe. That’s why there are many initiatives taken by the government as well from the industrialists, so that the Norilsk live as well as air of that place gets improved.

Steps taken

PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel is one of the first companies that feel its responsibility to stop pollution the air of that place and give Norilsk people better place to live. In a press release vice president of the company Alexander Rumin stated that factory is shutdown as per the environment oriented program. Although planning of shutdown is prepare from long. He also said that he is very to say that they can totally shut down the production of nickel from the factory and close the factory two months before the estimate time. He also said that since 27 juke roasting as well as smelting shop is closed. Almost 2500 workers get benefit from the shutdown as they will get occupational training or they will be placed in other factories or work place.

With the shutdown of the plant almost 25% of sulphur dioxide is quickly remove from the air of that place and provides healthy environment to the people. Many experts see this step as a very important step in Russia history because they think it not only bring changes environmentally but also socially. They also said that it is almost a one of its kind experience.

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