Railing Extensions Past The Last Step

There are two main places where accidents occur at home. Bathroom and stairs. In this article, we will talk about the stairs which are one of the most dangerous places at home. Needless to say, a strong rail makes stairs safer, but it is not all about strength, it is also about length. Check out our advices to make your stairs a safer place for you and your family and guests!

First option is to extend your railing past the first step. This gives you more place to grab and, if you trip in the last moment, you have somewhere to put your hands at. The best way to do this is to create what is called a grab bar by adding a small handrail. Once you have decided to do this, all you have to do is to secure and measure the extension to a stud. Do not forget to test if it is strong enough to withstand the pull of an adult. One of the most common errors is to do it and then don’t test properly, just in the case it breaks the job you just did. If it breaks you should be happy you broke it by testing and not by having an accident. But extending the railing is not the only option to add an extra layer of safety to your stairs, another option is to add more handrails.

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Yes, it is pretty usual to have a handrail in one side, and leave the other side without one. If you want to ensure extra safety in your stairs is to add another handrail in the opposite side, for extra steadiness. Bear in mind, most people having troubles in stairs do it because of their lack of balance. Well, some cases are vertigo, but this problem is multiplied when we are talking about oldsters who have impaired senses, may have mobility problems or may have ailments in their hips, backs and knees. When you add an extra railing in the opposite side, it provides the stability to keep balance at all times and, by using both handrails to go down, they won’t lose their balance and fall. If they need emergency support in the case of tripping, this extra railing may save their lives.

And, of course, the best way to do it is to have both systems, an extra railing in the opposite side and some extra railing past the first step. This will make your stairs safe, but also more comfortable to use. Most accidents in stairs happen when going down, but going up may be tiresome and, using these tricks, you will make your stairs easier to go up as well. Getting tired while going up a stair may lead to accidents as well and, if you are using double railing in them, it is way easier for oldsters to go up, because they usually get tired of using the same side for support and balance.Windows near the stairs oftencan help to better illuminate the stairs and therefore safer walking up the stairs.

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