Selling used cars in Bangalore is easy now

Tired of looking for a buyer/dealer to sell used cars in Bangalore, can’t find a buyer who is matching your price. Look no further, help is at hand. This article will provide you the address your problems. If you sell the car yourself you will get the best price and in case you hire the services of a middleman you will have to pay brokerage charges to him. In case you want to sell the car yourself, it can be done through posting advertisements at various websites.

There are many dealers who buy used cars in Bangalore and offer a good price for it. These dealers include T S Mahalingam& Sons, Sai  Auto World, Royal Carz, Best Cars, Nandi Toyota U Trust. The following procedures must be followed when you are looking to sell your car. The adage “First impression is the last impression” never goes old hence make your car appearance be attractive so that it appeals to the buyer.

Little Research

Do a little research and set a price that is neither too high nor too low. Don’t be firm on the price, leave a little to bargaining. Provide full information regarding date of manufacture, number of km the car has driven, details of service, type of insurance and the period of its validity etc.

Often the buyer may want to have the car examined by a mechanic, this request is very reasonable shows a clear intention of one willing to buy.  After the price has been agreed upon and payment received in full, the process of transfer starts. The owner must sign the transfer papers, delivery note and ensure that the buyer signs all the corresponding documents as well. The owner must remember to keep a photo id proof of the buyer along with his contact number.

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