Specialist Mole Removal Services

Moles are on the increase and they’re hard workers

Moles will industriously and quite happily invade your lawn, field or pitch. Although they may look cute they are, by their very presence on your land, a cause for concern. They don’t mean to harm anyone or anything in their wake but their tunnelling and night time ground level excursions are chief reasons why people seek specialist mole removal from firms including Pest Control Berkshire.

Mole control is an essential part of ground maintenance. Mole removal services are humane, cost effective and could save on repair fees or medical bills.

Pest control Berkshire specialists have seen a recent increase in the number of moles in the Newbury and surrounding areas. Please be alert to the risks and the potential appearance of clues that you have subterranean guests.

You may find it encouraging to learn that a mass of molehills does not necessarily indicate that you have an army of marauding moles to combat. However, as one mole can be a determined opponent you shouldn’t try to resolve the situation without utilising the skills of professional and qualified experts.

Specialist mole removal firms exist because DIY methods prove to be a waste of time and resources.

Get to know your enemy

  • Moles are nocturnal.
  • They construct tunnels alone.
  • Their two large front paws do the digging and they feel their way with their snout.
  • Whilst they allow fellow moles in the same tunnel network they don’t interact.
  • Moles have the capability to create approximately 6 molehills in a 24-hour period.
  • The tunnel systems are built at up to an impressive 4 metres per hour.
  • Tunnel networks are constructed to any dimension up to 40 metres squared.
  • The network’s expanse is often dictated by the availability of food and activity.
  • There are two kinds of tunnels. Permanent tunnels are used by moles to reach the feeding tunnels which they make just below the surface.
  • Feeding areas are normally under topsoil or poke through to ground level.
  • Worms are a primary food source.
  • Moles rely on their hearing and touch, including vibrations, to maintain safety and locate food.
  • Their eyesight is famously bad. They can detect light.
  • You can’t tempt them with smells, this is another of their weaker senses.
  • A mole’s trail of destruction causes injuries by leaving hills, weakened earth and ruts for humans and animals to discover, often painfully.
  • The stones and debris they dislodge frequently results in serious damage to lawnmowers and farming equipment.
  • Crops and root systems suffer from mole damage.
  • New molehills have loose, damp soil.
  • Older molehills are flatter.

Mole control treatment

  • Often treatments are based on trapping and gas is only used as a last resort.
  • Pest control Berkshire firms can respond to your call within hours.
  • Specialists return to site at a convenient time to check the traps laid.

Why not contact a leading firm, like Pest Control Berkshire, today?

These reclusive but destructive little critters require mole control services for safety and ease of movement.

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