Stylish Homburg Hat For Your Modern Day Wear

Homburg is known from the popular block buster movie – The Godfather. In the movie the character, Al Pacino was seen wearing homburg hat in many scenes. Homburg hat is strictly for the formal wears and suits. These hats are special designed with creased crown as that of a fedora. With the stiffer brim, these hats are constructed with the slight raised lip so that it would give you the most style look effectively. The men homburg hat could not be modified or molded so that it would give you the most awesome wear on the daily formal wear. You better get it right to have the most awesome look in the extensive way. The Brims are quite fixed, stiff and runs down with the curled upwards bringing the downward angular fashion.

Stylish Platform Sandals For Women:

This women platform sandals is for women of all ages and it is much suitable for the most comfortable wear. Platform sandals are a type of outdoor footwear, that is open and held onto the foot by straps on the instep and ankles. Be it an haute couture environment or college campus, flat platform heels are great for the everyday use as well as for the special occasions. They expose most of the upper part of the foot to give you the style filled with design in extensive way. They are designed primarily to be worn in warmer as well as hotter regions. The platform sandals have evolved into a fashion element, being worn for different occasions in various parts of the world. The platform sandals can protect your feet from the hot sand, and you can wear your sandals into the water to rinse them off at the end of the day suitable for all occasion. You will protect your feet from rocks, and you can quickly slip them on and off if you’re making multiple trips outside.

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