Taking care of custom gold grills – Things you should know

A tooth is a tooth after all, even if you have chosen to accessorize it with grill, or have simply replaced it with latter, it still demands maintenance.  Mouth, like all the parts of the body, requires cleaning; so, the users of custom grills do need to find the solution for keeping their dental accessory clean and shining too, like their first day. The tests of time reflect badly upon the dental gold grills too and so, a little effort of maintenance can make your purchase stand against the cruelties of aging.

Challenges of keeping grills clean

Your dental gold jewellery is faced with lots of stuffs like cigarette smoke, oily food, etc that can ultimately discolor them. Though the advisors suggest that simple use of toothpaste and brush can help your dental accessory look clean and shining, it may not prove to be effective sometimes. Also, the use of chemicals on such accessories poses health threat for the simple reason that these are to be fitted in mouth. So, obviously one cannot think of putting anything unpalatable inside the mouth.

Answer to these challenges

So, there is an urgent need to find maintenance-free way of accessorizing the teeth, or else the solution should be greener and healthier. The latter certainly is practical thing to consider because maintenance-free and oral hygiene do not go together. So, here is the recipe to make the gold grills shinier and cleaner always.

  • Collect things like white vinegar, boiling water, baking soda, sea salt and jewelry cleaning cloth.
  • Start with boiling 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of Sea salt and once they bubble up, mix the solution thoroughly.
  • Take a baking pan used for making bread loaf and line it with foil keeping the shiny side up.
  • Pour the mixture of baking soda and sea salt slowly into the pan. Keep the mouth part up while placing the grill into this mixture.
  • Use a spoon for occasions stirring and to adjust the grill.
  • Now, for better cleaning and removal of stains, pour about half a cup of white vinegar on to the grill. (Caution: The solution may splutter up on addition of vinegar, so avoid leaning over the pan during the process)
  • Lastly, drop the grills in the boiling water and shake it gently to remove any residue. Wind up the process by rubbing gently the grill with jewelry cleaning cloth.

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