The Cannabis Consumer’s Guide to Bong Care

Your glass bong is a masterpiece of modern civilization. The beauty of glass bongs is undeniable, and many of them are legitimately considered to be works of art. It is no wonder then that people who get bongs like those at want to do everything possible to take care of them. After all, great bongs are an investment just like great art is. If you take care of your bong, it will take care of you. Use the following guide to care for your bong properly.

1. Cleaning Your Bong

Proper bong care begins with cleaning your bong regularly. Many bong owners put off cleaning their bongs because they think that the job is a big hassle. In fact, cleaning your bong is easier than you think. With a mixture of shower salt and rubbing alcohol, you can quickly clean off even the biggest resin deposits from the inside of your bong. You should do this cleaning daily if you want to provide your bong with the highest level of care. Keep in mind that keeping the bong clean is not only good bong maintenance, but a clean bong also will make your cannabis taste much better than a dirty bong.

2. Protecting Your Bong

Glass bongs by their very nature are very fragile pieces of equipment. You need to give your bong a high degree of protection at all times. This protection begins by covering your bong in a tough protective case when it is not in use. Don’t get baked and leave your glass bong sitting uncovered on the table. If you do that often enough, it will eventually get knocked over and broken. That is a tearful moment you want to avoid at all costs. Always put your bong in its case when your smoke session is over to keep it safe.

3. Get the Right Accessories

In order to take good care of your bong, you need to get the right accessories. In addition to the protective case you need for your bong, there are several other components you need to take care of it. You will need screens for the bowl. You also need a grinder so you can load your bong. Having all the proper accessories will make your bong easier to use and take care of.

4. Don’t Store the Water in the Bong

You do not want to leave water sitting in your bong for long periods of time. If you leave the water in the bong and forget about it for a few weeks, don’t be surprised to come back to mold or other nasty contaminants in the water. Take care of your bong by emptying the water and cleaning it after each use.

If you take care of your bong well, it will give you years of toking enjoyment. Make sure to clean your bong regularly and keep it covered when not in use. When you follow the above steps to care for your bong, it will stay in good condition.

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