ValueMags Acts of Courage: Racism Then and Now

ValueMags knows that acts of courage in relation to racism is still a very controversial and mediatized discussion although North America (primarily Canada and the United States) like to consider themselves free and equal. In 1955, Rosa Parks performed an act of courage that gained a lot of attention. It was the first recognized time in African-American history that a woman refused to be less than a white American. Her refusal to move for a white male on an Alabama city bus was considered a violation of the Alabama segregation laws. As a result, she was charged and detained. Although, Parks suffered for her courageous action, she began the segregation movement and she is seen as a hero for colored individuals universally.

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Although Parks likely did not know it at the time, she displayed many elements of moral courage. Her act was dangerous in a society where she is a suppressed minority, not only for herself but her family members. Her moral principles required her to be loyal to her commitment as a community member and protecting their rights while overcoming her willingness to endure the immediate consequences of her actions. Understanding that Parks’ courageous act did not produce an immediate benefit for herself or her community says ValueMags, her action has had long-term benefits for many.

This still remains an issue today however. On a broader scale, racism in the freest of countries occurs daily. Even in their own community in Chicago, ValueMags employees see forms of racism everyday. It works both ways though. Racism occurs in subtle and obvious forms but it is differentiating right from wrong that will help communities as small as ValueMags or as big as Chicago grow towards common values and social norms.

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