ValueMags: Disposal of Mattresses

ValueMags is currently helping a mattress company in Canada with a recycling initiative. The marketing and distribution company for magazine and magazine publishers has recently decided to offer marketing advice to companies in other countries to build credibility and spread awareness about their services before they expand into those countries. This is some of the advice they have them:

Throughout the years, both household and individual disposal behaviours have changed drastically. To begin with, many campaigns have been exposed nation wide in regards to environmental efforts within our communities. ValueMags says that there are apparent differences across provinces and in rural vs. urban sectors. If we take a city like Toronto, Ontario which is a recognized city worldwide for its faced paced environment and heavy population, it is crucial that disposal behaviours are modified throughout the city. Modified disposal behaviours may include, removing most of the garbage cans on street corners and replacing it with compost bins and recycling bins. However, if ValueMags compares this example to a city like Gaspe, Quebec then we would notice that the environmental efforts aren’t as apparent because the lifestyle is different. It is believed by many consumers that, synthetic goods are lower in quality than when made of natural materials. It is also believed that when companies have higher priced goods, consumers are led to believe that the quality of the goods are higher than lower priced items. Therefore, ValueMags believes that consumers will continue to take in to account the fact that higher priced goods and/or services with a better quality and purpose will be at a better use for all individuals.

For more information about ValueMags and their services, visit their website using the link provided above.

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