ValueMags: New Blog Success Due to Design Theory

ValueMags’ new blog has taken off with interest and traffic! The company has gotten increase traffic since the beginning of the year and more and more users are commenting on and sharing their blog posts. Andrew Degenholtz, ValueMags President, does not just owe the success of this blog to the users and readers or his internal content development team; he owes a lot of the success to his design team. The team spent hour researching design theory and elements of a website that make it trustworthy and reliable. There are certain obvious aspects such as credibility and the message that have to be perfectly executed but there are other elements such as colors and font that are not so text book. They require an eye and visual skill along with psychological research on those elements.

ValueMags found that certain fonts and colors will provoke certain moods including trust. The primary font is typically used for prominent headings on any website. It is more often than not, a design choice. Certain fonts are used to convey emotion. The body copy is often set is a standard web font that closely matches the primary font so it does not look disorganized. ValueMags researched made sure not to use certain colors because they are universal web design convention colors. Red usually means warning, error messages, and problems. Green usually means success and money however ValueMags only offers free magazines so the company decided to stay away from green. No need to pay! Lastly, blue is known for hyperlinks but more traditionally, it creates a sensation of trust and security which is why ValueMags used it. The blog is trying to reach out to ValueMags stakeholders so they can rebuild their trust with them.

For more information and a glance at the blog, visit the link above to the ValueMags blog site!

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