Water purifiers for your better health

A human body comprises of 80% of water and it is necessary that this level should be maintained all the time. So, in order to maintain the water level, it is necessary to intake sufficient amount of water on a daily basis. Nowadays, the water that is supplied to your house contains many harmful metals as well as bacteria that can cause illness or many types of medical conditions as well as diseases. So it is must that the water that you consume should be pure and free from any kind of contamination. This is why water purifiers are now being used in many places across the world. So if you are thinking of buying a water purifier for your daily use then you can visit www.heamotivation.com for more detailed information about the water purifiers.

Types of water purifiers

There are many types of water purifiers that you can use in your home. Some of the water purifier systems are highlighted below.

Distillation water purifiers: This water filter system is being used from a very long time. In this filtration the water is heated till starts to form vapors. These vapors when condensed form water droplets. The purpose of using this method is to extract the water molecules from the contaminated water so that the contamination may remain in the boiler whereas water vapors may be condensed back to its original form of pure water. The temperature is kept constant in the whole process.

Gravity filtration system: Gravity filtration is done in order to separate the water from the solids that are present in the water. In water there are many types of solid impurities that are present in it. Most of the impurities are of sand, coal, gravel and carbon. These impurities are heavy and due to gravity, they settle in the bottom of the tank leaving clear water on top.

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