What you should know about CDN: introduction for beginners

There are numerous websites who are using CDN for very long time. Not only that, nowadays its one of the important part of online market. However there are still several people who are confused over what is cdn question. Well, CDN is an important tool that used for optimizing websites for improving the performances. There are different other works that are performed by CDN, for knowing more about that you need to understand more about the topic.

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What you need to know?

CDN also known as content delivery network which works for enhancing overall speed of content delivery on different locations. It works for making your website better and helpful as well as make sure that your websites are not taking too much time in loading.  There are three types that are available in CDN i.e.:-

  • Peer to peer:-this technique is different as well as one of the most popular type of CDN. Here, the customers also play an important part as they share contents with others during downloading.
  • Push: – it’s a one of the best choice if you are having large files on your website. Push CDN move content from one server to another server. Not only that, there are different big companies who are song this Cdn for sharing their files and improving their website’s performances.
  • Origins pulls :- this server work different as compare to other networks , pulls servers didn’t push any server instead of dong that it catches and store the contents in its places . It is also called as Relayed CDN that is mostly recommends for different blogs sites.

Apart from all these things there are some points that you need to keep in your mind if you are going to buy these server for first time. It is very important to understand your requirement and budget first as it will keep you safe from future hassles.


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